Moving–A love Story

It is that lovely time of year, Folks are out enjoying nature, seeing the country, exercising…Yep they are moving.  I joined the ranks of folks that have recently moved.  It was and is a continuing adventure.  Where is X; they broke what? But, I have to tell you that my recent move was a delightful experience.  It was delightful for three reasons:

1. My Wife is awesome

2.My friends were gracious and patient

3. The process was not rushed and the outcome ended well.

My wife stayed on each of us to prepare the entire month before the move.  Not saying we were overly cooperative, but, in the end her organization took this adventure and navigated it well.  She did not rush us, but she did marshall the project. That direction kept us on track and allowed the move to go smoothly.

Next, Our friends were amazing.  they brought bodies, trailers, food, laughter and encouragement to the house and allowed us to focus on the resettling of the property.  It would have been a nightmare without them.  If you are assisting friends in a move, realize you have come close to sainthood.  We will never be able to repay the kindness we were shown.

Finally, As we loaded and unloaded our possessions, we kept our expectations low, our tempers in check and our work ethic in tact.  The result was a successful and timely experience.  Nothing is ever perfect, but the process came close.  We are grateful and looking forward to this next stretch in the journey.

About Michael Smith

This is an amazing Journey. I hope you will hear from the Lord, as you seek Him with your heart. Matthew 6:33
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1 Response to Moving–A love Story

  1. Mr. Bill says:

    Michael, you are very welcome. I’m glad the crew from Crosspoint was able to help you in this move. We were all blessed while blessing you. That’s what family is all about. Amen ?

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